Atlantic Sapphire Salmon

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2 lb. Fillet Cut, Skin-On $25.00

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A Revolutionary Farming Process

Based out of Denmark, and coming soon in southern Florida, Atlantic Sapphire Salmon challenges you to take everything you know about farm-raised salmon and toss it out the window. Rated “Best Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch as well as Sea Choice and Ocean Wise, Sapphire salmon are raised in a land-based, bio-secure Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS).

Atlantic Sapphire Salmon Facility

What is RAS?

The Recirculating Aquaculture System, or RAS, is akin to a greenhouse for raising Salmon; An indoor, closed-loop, tank-based system where the fish are grown under strictly controlled environmental conditions. Using 90 to 99 percent less water than other aquaculture systems, the water in the RAS flows from the fish tanks through a treatment process and is then returned to the tanks. Using this system greatly reduces the discharge of waste as well as eliminating the need for antibiotics or chemicals – providing a protected environment for the salmon to live and grow while keeping predators and parasites out.

Whole Atlantic Sapphire Salmon

The most sustainable salmon farming method in the world

The technology and processes behind the Recirculating Aquaculture System have earned them coveted green rankings from Seafood Watch, Sea Choice and Ocean Wise. Most other salmon farming methods are listed as red! Farming on land in closed containment allows the health of the fish to be more efficiently monitored from the egg to the harvest. This results in fish that do not require antibiotics or other chemical treatments! Most importantly, this method does not pollute the oceans or affect the environment in addition to having no impact on the wild population. Moreover, the RAS allows the salmon to live as naturally as possible without being wild. The salmon are allowed to swim freely against the strong water currents generated by the RAS as well as being able to travel between fresh and salt water throughout their life. Raised in these ideal conditions, feeding on ultra-sustainable fishmeal that does not include any mammalian ingredients, the salmon themselves develop a firmer texture and a more muscular structure.

Sapphire Salmon Fillet

Chefs beg for more

The firmer texture and bolstered muscular structure generated by being able to live naturally imparts a delicate, clean and pure flavor which many chefs equate to the taste of wild salmon! In blind tastings which compared Atlantic Sapphire Salmon to traditional open net pen-raised salmon, both chefs and consumers agree that Atlantic Sapphire has a milder, less fishy flavor that must be experienced by anyone who loves wild salmon.
Available as a 2 pound fillet cut, one 4 pound average skin-on side, or one whole scaled and gutted fish weighing approximately 10-12 pounds. Sustainably and responsibly farmed in Denmark.


Say yes to healthier oceans. Say hello to Atlantic Sapphire Salmon!