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Browne’s Boutique Smoke Room & the Art of Cold Smoking

Last week our blog gave you a behind the scenes look at our caviar room here at Browne. We showed you how our caviar experts receive, grade, and pack your caviar to order. In this post, we are going to examine another fascinating area of Browne’s operation: our boutique smoke room. In particular, we are…

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Packing Caviar at Browne Trading Co.

The Caviar Packing Room at Browne Trading is truly where the magic happens. This is where every type of caviar Browne Trading offers is selected and graded to ensure you only ever receive the finest quality product possible. Our caviar is handled directly & packed by hand by our Caviar Director, Richard Hall, under the…

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How to Store & Care for your Seafood

In this blog, we are going to provide you with some essential advice on how to store & care for your seafood. Browne Trading goes to great lengths to provide you with only the best quality seafood possible. We want to help make sure you have the necessary knowledge to ensure that quality is sustained…

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Ocean to Plate: The Journey of Quality Seafood

We have many wild caught seafood options here at Browne. This article will help explain how the fresh wild caught/harvested seafood we offer at Browne goes from the boat to your kitchen. It has to be said that getting pristine quality seafood from the world’s oceans to the dinner plate is no simple task. When…

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Rod Browne Mitchell, Founder, Owner & President of Browne Trading Co.

Rod Browne Mitchell is a leading national authority on caviar, on fine wine, and on what constitutes the finest fresh seafood on the market. It is this expertise that keeps chefs from some of the most prestigious restaurants in America coming back to Browne year after year. Chefs such as Daniel Boulud, Eric Ripert, Thomas…

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Exclusive US Distributors of Veta la Palma Seafood

In our first blog, we gave a brief mention to one of our most exciting partnerships that we have here at Browne Trading. That is our exclusive in the United States partnership with Veta La Palma. If you are interested in the future of sustainable fish farming and you have not yet heard about Veta…

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The Ike Jime Technique and our Cho-Rei-Kun Hamachi

This week we want to focus on another fish we are proud to offer here at Browne. That fish is the Cho-Rei-Kun Hamachi. This is a fish that is farmed and harvested using revolutionary and fascinating techniques. Farm Raised Our Cho-Rei-Kun Hamachi is farmed and raised in Japan using a method that has been practiced…

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Revolutionary Farming with Atlantic Sapphire

In last week’s blog we featured our new partnership with Baja Seas. We spoke about our excitement to be involved with an organization so dedicated to the future of aquaculture and sustainable fishing. This week we want to highlight another partnership that we are proud to have established here at Browne. That is our partnership with Atlantic…

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Browne Partners with Baja Seas

Here at Browne Trading Company, we are committed to the purchase and supply of responsibly-sourced seafood. Our goal is to be at the forefront of sustainably sourced seafood in the US. This is why, back in 2011, we chose to become the exclusive US provider for Veta la Palma. If you are not familiar with Veta…

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