Introducing “Caviar Boutique”

Browne Trading has made a new addition to our line of renowned caviars we call the “Caviar Boutique” – a signature selection of small production caviars that are often difficult to find here in the U.S. “Caviar Boutique” was the brainchild of owner Rod Browne Mitchell, who wanted to offer our restaurant clientele and private connoisseurs alike an opportunity to explore and experience different varieties of internationally-raised caviars without our having the restraints of volume access to supply. Because of Rod’s international renown as a premier supplier of caviars here in America, both he and our Caviar Director, Richard Hall, are frequently afforded invitations by domestic and overseas caviar producers to travel to their caviar facilities to tour their operations and sample their caviars. But because of our volume commitment to maintain year-round supply of our traditional caviar lines for our customers who rely on these products for their restaurant menus, wholesale and retail needs, Browne has been constrained in the past to be extremely selective regarding its caviar assortment commitments. While quality always takes precedence, reliable supply is a close second in our selection process.

No longer. The “Boutique” concept is simple: source these alternate caviars and make do with the available supply until it is exhausted – which due to the small quantities available, may be in short order. Rod explains: “Our Caviar Boutique selections are very limited in production due to their small artisanal farms and the yearly time of harvest. These selections will change routinely, and in some instances will be available only for a short period of time. Most importantly, we will offer other origins of caviar when one or another is not in stock.” Caviar Boutique is just that: a rotation of very special, artisanal-produced caviars hailing from modest or “newer” farms whose sturgeons have recently achieved grow-out to the point of harvest (consider that most female sturgeons in aquaculture take 8 to even 12 years to mature to the point of bearing eggs suitable for caviar harvest), specially selected to provide the customer with a tasting experience of a caviar that might otherwise not have been available to them.

The Boutique Selections are anticipated to offer multiple species from countries around the World. During a recent trip to Europe this spring, Rod and Richard had the opportunity to visit the Royal Belgium Caviar company located in Turnhout, Belgium and tour their closed-water sturgeon facility. Royal Belgium Caviar raises multiple species of sturgeon for caviar production, with a modest supply that is generally reserved for demands of the European caviar market. Meticulously raised and produced by a husband and wife team, Browne Trading elected to introduce both their Gold Label Osetra (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) and Gold Label Siberian (Acipenser baerii) caviars as our first round Caviar Boutique selections. Here’s a quick clip of their tour at the Turnhout sturgeon farm:

Not limited to just European producers, Rod has sourced a very limited quantity of domestic Snake River White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) caviar raised near the Snake River Valley in southern Idaho. Caviar Boutique is an open concept, with no prejudices towards type of caviar or region it is produced in: just the best and diverse selections that meet Rod’s exacting criteria for superior taste and quality.

Glass Caviar Jars
New Premium Glass Caviar Jars

Another element that elevates the Caviar Boutique experience is the introduction of our superior new caviar glass jars. Crafted in German by one of the highest quality glass manufacturers on the planet, each jar is perfectly uniform in size and shape. They also feature a custom glass “lip” specifically designed to rest on crushed ice and not fall right through to the bottom. So, it serves both as a storage and service vessel. The smooth sides make it possible to easily remove every single individual egg from the jar without damaging or wasting them. The caviar also looks beautiful inside the jar, as it not only gives a pure view of the caviar; it even magnifies the contents slightly to give you a better view of what you are purchasing. There are “similar” glass jars on the market – many illegally made in China – and of inferior quality. These jars can be very inconsistent and even dangerous to use, as they often have sharp edges and are not perfectly molded. This imperfection means that some jars do not seal correctly and often lose their vacuum on route to the customer – ruining the caviar contents. We believe the investment in our German-made caviar jars will enhance the caviar experience for our customers, and are pleased to roll it out with these new special caviars. These premium jars will soon be standard in our packing for every Browne Trading Caviar selection.

We hope you explore the Caviar Boutique selections while they last! Many more selections are in the works as well – with some extremely limited selections hailing from Spain, Belgium and potentially Italy to follow soon.

~ Nick Branchina, Director of Marketing

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