Cooking with James Peterson

If you have been a fan of our quarterly newsletters, you probably have noticed some contributions from cookbook author, James (Jim) Peterson, inclusive of some beautifully  photographed recipes. Many of you may already “know” Jim – and one or more of his fifteen cookbooks may already line your bookshelf.

We are privileged to have him personally contributing to Browne Trading Co.’s commitment to providing our customers and followers with professional culinary information on how to prepare seafood. Jim’s career began with a passion for food – inspired by time traveling and eating in Asia and cooking in France, running his own restaurant in Manhattan, teaching at  culinary schools, developing a love of photography, and in between earning an amazing SEVEN  James Beard Awards for his many cookbooks and countless recipes – some of which, including “Sauces”, “Baking” and “Cooking”, have been dubbed as culinary “opuses” due to their masterful depth and sheer volume.

Part of our obligation as “fishmongers” at Browne Trading Co. means providing consultation on the care and preparation of the literally hundreds of fresh seafood items we offer to our customers daily – from the novice home chef to award winning restauranteurs. While we take pride in our abilities, Jim’s “Fish & Shellfish” has long been a reference and resource for us in our ongoing pursuit of information. After a chance meeting here in Maine a few years ago, Jim has kept in touch and ultimately has volunteered his time, energy, and expertise to contribute to our efforts.

1. Put the salmon head in a pot with aromatic vegetables.
Preparing “Salmon Red Wine Sauce”

Jim will be contributing recipes, advice and techniques inclusive of his beautiful photography which documents, step by step, each part of his cooking process. Easy to follow, we know they will appeal to – and inspire – the professional and home chef alike. We are excited to have launched a committed web page, “James Peterson and Browne Trading” to showcase the recipes he is creating exclusively for Browne Trading at his home studio in Brooklyn, NY (our deal: we provide the fish, he provides the recipes!) We will be posting his work in our online Quarterly Newsletter,  as well as archiving them on Jim’s webpage. Please check out Jim’s video  on this page as well.

We hope you enjoy Jim’s contributions – we are  grateful to have him as a resource. You can learn more about Jim at his own website and blog,

More to come as 2013 progresses!

~ Nick Branchina