Celebrating “National Caviar Day” Thursday July 18th

Mark Your Calendar: Thursday is “National Caviar Day”!

My first encounter with this “National Day” came several years ago while searching for an online Holiday calendar to print out for planning purposes. I can’t recall exactly how I found it, only my reaction: what the heck is this? I work for one of the few caviar companies in the US and I never heard of a ‘National Holiday’ devoted to celebrating caviar???”

What exactly is National Caviar Day? What tradition brought it about? And why July 18th? I set out to discover these answers – and end my initial shame that I (and everyone else I asked at Browne Trading Company) had never heard of it. My search began online.

Answers? I found none (and if you do find them, shoot me an email!). I did however find a website devoted to it – www.nationalcaviarday.com – which, while interesting, sheds no light on its history or “importance”. It does feature a decent video of renowned chef Thomas Keller “Giving a Caviar Lesson” to a junior chef (worth watching!), and it comes complete with some trivia such as: “Caviar was the favorite of Pablo Picasso, who used to pay for it by sending cash wrapped in a signed original sketch”.

Further searching was fruitless. My ultimate conclusion is that “National Caviar Day” is really nothing more than a well intended, yet contrived, reason to “celebrate” its existence. And that’s ok. Caviar is a celebrated culinary delicacy, a luxury, and a food item of historical and social importance, whose history on the tongues of Tsars and commoners alike date back literally centuries. Having a “National Day” in July to appreciate  the unique qualities and traditions of caviar is certainly not the worst offense. Perhaps it will even bolster its recognition here in the U.S.

So to help you celebrate, I’m sharing a Blog-only promotion for the online retail purchase of our newest Caviar Collection, the Caviar Boutique. These are our new, extremely limited production caviars that are largely rare on the US Market. Simply click here, and at check out enter CAVIARDAY2013 in the promotional code field when you check out. We’ll give you 15% off to try these caviars – and will honor this offer through the end of July, 2013*. Also note that any caviar or caviar giftset you purchase online SHIPS FREE.

Give these, or any caviar you have access too, a try on July 18th – or anytime the occasion suits you.

~ Nick Branchina, Director of Marketing

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