Maine Oyster Guide

It might surprise some that there are only five unique species of oysters in the United States – and from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico, the champion is the common Eastern Oyster, or Crassostrea virginica. This Eastern Oyster has many different market names (think “Wellfleets” “Blue Points” “Dodge Coves” etc.) so named after where… Read more »

Rod Browne Mitchell, Founder, Owner & President of Browne Trading Co.

Rod Browne Mitchell is a leading national authority on caviar, on fine wine, and on what constitutes the finest fresh seafood on the market. It is this expertise that keeps chefs from some of the most prestigious restaurants in America coming back to Browne year after year. Chefs such as Daniel Boulud, Eric Ripert, Thomas… Read more »

Exclusive US Distributors of Veta la Palma Seafood

In our first blog, we gave a brief mention to one of our most exciting partnerships that we have here at Browne Trading. That is our exclusive in the United States partnership with Veta La Palma. If you are interested in the future of sustainable fish farming and you have not yet heard about Veta… Read more »