Tips on Storage and Care of Your Seafood

You’ve made the investment in purchasing premium, super-fresh seafood and now it’s in your kitchen. Now what do you do to assure you sustain its quality? Whether you choose to fuss over your fish or not, the quality of the seafood you buy will have much more influence over the finished dish than anything you… Read more »

Packing Caviar at Browne Trading Co.

Here’s a “Behind the Scenes” look at how we pack the caviar at Browne Trading. Every type of Browne Trading caviar is individually selected and graded to insure the satisfaction of our customers. Caviar is handled directly, packed by hand, and stored at our Portland caviar facility by our Caviar Director, Richard Hall, under the… Read more »

Ocean to Plate: The Journey of Quality Seafood

Getting pristine quality seafood from the world’s oceans to the dinner plate is no simple task. When chefs rely on fresh – never frozen – wild caught fish to arrive, the proverbial clock starts the minute the fish is on the hook (or in the net) and brought on board the fishing vessel. There is… Read more »

“What’s Hot” 2014 Culinary Forecast: Seafood Trends

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) has released their annual “What’s Hot” 2014 Culinary Forecast and Seafood/Fish has landed three positions of prominence in their “Top 20 Trends”. The NRA’s online survey was sent to almost 1,300 professional chefs, offering them 258 items to individually evaluate as a “Hot Trend”, “Yesterday’s News” or “Perennial Favorite”. Given… Read more »

The Feast of the Seven Fishes

Eating with family and friends is a huge component of our Holiday festivities. Whether it be inspired by religious tradition, large parties with friends, or intimate family meals, congregating around a table to enjoy food is one of the most special elements of the Holiday season. One of the most elaborate seafood meals of the… Read more »

Know What You Eat with Browne Trading’s “Species Spotlights”

Over a decade ago, Browne Trading developed and introduced our Seafood “Species Spotlights” to provide our restaurant chef clientele with more descriptive product information so they could make informed purchasing decisions about our seafood items.  They were also crafted to help wait staff that may be unfamiliar with the fish to “tell the story” to… Read more »

Browne Turns to Green: Recyclable Packing Materials

Browne Trading Co. Works to Introduce Recyclable Shipping Materials Browne Trading was among the first in our industry to perfect the overnight air shipping of seafood perishables. Through trial and error, Browne discovered and developed the right packaging methods, materials and coolants to successfully ship fresh and live seafood – effectively “pioneering” the overnight shipping of… Read more »

Celebrating “National Caviar Day” Thursday July 18th

Mark Your Calendar: Thursday is “National Caviar Day”! My first encounter with this “National Day” came several years ago while searching for an online Holiday calendar to print out for planning purposes. I can’t recall exactly how I found it, only my reaction: what the heck is this? I work for one of the few… Read more »

Introducing “Caviar Boutique”

Browne Trading has made a new addition to our line of renowned caviars we call the “Caviar Boutique” – a signature selection of small production caviars that are often difficult to find here in the U.S. “Caviar Boutique” was the brainchild of owner Rod Browne Mitchell, who wanted to offer our restaurant clientele and private… Read more »

Spring’s “Sea Change”

Warmer weather seems to have finally arrived in Maine – and spring seems more “official” now that our snows are mostly gone (there’s even talk of fiddleheads soon!) And when it comes to seafood, spring (along with the winter catch season) ushers in a greater influx of wild fishery openings than the summer and fall months… Read more »