Smoked Seafood

Specialty Smoked Seafood from Around the World

In addition to our wonderful smoked salmon, Browne Trading is also pleased to offer other delicious smoked and salted fish and shellfish, all of which are custom smoked or salted here at our Portland, Maine smokehouse:


Finnan Haddie – The freshest Gulf of Maine haddock is filleted skin on and brined in natural sea salt. The fillets are then smoked until they become a golden brown. Use these fillets in any recipe calling for finnan haddie or create your own. Each order includes an easy-to-make traditional Scottish recipe. Buy Now

Smoked Rainbow Trout Boneless and ready to enjoy, these hot smoked, sweet, delicate trout fillets are a superb accompaniment to any table. 3-4 ounce fillets. Buy Now


Hot Smoked White Sturgeon This loin-cut of white sturgeon features our Smokemaster’s special brine and is hot smoked over fruitwoods. Buy Now


Smoked Shellfish – Scallops, Mussels and Shrimp

For our smoked shrimp and shellfish, we use all-natural brines featuring the sweetest tiny Maine shrimp, rope-grown mussels and delicate sweet sea scallops.