Fresh Shellfish

For all wholesale fresh seafood inquiries, please call us at 800-944-7848. 

We have many fish selections available but pricing and inventory change daily. Our sales staff is happy to make recommendations. Please remember that fresh fish is subject to fishery and seasonal constraints during the course of the year. Pricing includes the special packaging required to ensure that your fish arrives as fresh as when it came out of the water. We are pleased to fillet most whole fish at no extra charge. We ship priority for next day delivery to your door to ensure the highest quality of freshness.


Peekytoe Crabmeat
Hand-picked, steamed and ready to eat, straight from coastal Maine waters. Perfect for crab cakes. 7 & 8 ounce containers. Buy Now


Maine Diver & Dayboat Scallops
During the winter months, these jewels of the sea floor are truly special.
Seasonal. Sold by the pound. Buy Now


Live Maine Lobsters
Maine’s signature seafood item. Fresh from the sea, our lobsters are held only in natural seawater to maintain true flavor. Sold by weight classes, 1 to 2+ pounds each. Buy Now


Rope-grown in Casco Bay, Maine, our mussels are tender and sweet and can be prepared in a number of ways. A perfect appetizer when steamed in white wine and dipped in garlic butter.  Buy Now


Maine Empress Crab Cocktail Claws
Ready to eat, and excellent choice for hors d’oeuvres. Frozen, about 14 claws per pound. Sold in 2-pound bags.


Maine Sweet Shrimp Meat (Not Shown)
Fresh shrimp meat is available during the February to April fishery. These tiny pink shrimp are sweet and delicious. Fresh is Seasonal. Sold frozen in the off season. Makes an excellent light meal when stir fried with fresh vegetables and served over pasta. Buy Now


We have a wide variety of oysters from both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, many fresh from Maine in local nearby oyster beds. Prices vary by season. Buy Now


Razor Clams
Permanently gaping at both ends, these brittle-shelled bivalves are named for their resemblance to old-fashioned straightedge razors. Their sweet flavor excels in almost any recipe calling for clams. Sold by the pound. Limited monthly harvest due to the tides!


Littleneck Clams
A smaller version of the well-known Cherrystone clam, Littlenecks are sweet in flavor and are commonly enjoyed steamed or raw in the half-shell. Sold by count or by weight. Buy Now


Urchins and Uni
Urchins, and more specifically urchin roe, called Uni, are highly coveted delicacies in Japan. Uni is used primarily in sauces, on elegant sushi rolls, as a decorative garnish, in hors d’oeuvres and even in omelets. Urchin roe comes in 4-ounce trays of 16 pieces. Whole urchins are available with at least one day’s advance notice. Harvested in Maine in the Winter months, call for availability. Buy Now